#BrownU: Who to follow

We love to tweet. There’s nothing more exhilarating than the challenge of expressing your thoughts in 140 characters or less while preserving your wit and, in BlogDailyHerald’s case, being #meta… Okay, maybe there is, but you get the point. Twitter can help you in school, let you keep in touch with high school friends and even aid you in selecting a career path.  Bottom line: tweeting’s damn cool and pretty relevant to #Brunonia. We’ve compiled a list of Brown-related Twitter accounts that will make your life infinitely easier, or at least keep you from dozing off in lecture. #Czechitout.


  • Brown University:  While they are definitely not the best tweeters at Brown, they’re definitely worth a follow as an expression of your Bruno pride.
  • The Brown Daily Herald:  In our world, the Herald is the parent who stays up until we (BlogDH) stumble in drunk from our “friend’s house” at 3 am. To go along with their role as our fairly uncool parent, they happen to be less than great at social media, but they are still the best, and, for what it’s worth, the most traditional source of everything Brunonia.
  • Brown Alumni Magazine: Yes, it is random. But Brown Alumni Magazine tweets often and tweets well. Did you know two Brown alumni were listed among Fortune’s “50 Most Powerful Women“? Did you know College Hill was voted “one of the top 10 great American neighborhoods“? Did you know Julie Bowen, of Modern Family fame, is a Brown alum? Well, you would if you followed the Alum Mag! Irrelevant Brown trivia ftw. (The Brown Alumni Association is also a solid account, but they have nothing on the mag).
  • Brown CareerLAB:  If your parents visited for Parents Weekend, you’re probably still getting calls asking what you’re thinking of doing with your yet-to-be-defined independent concentration. Now you can give your parents some peace of mind by saying you’ll go to info sessions you found out about on Twitter! That might not be what they want to hear verbatim, but it’s good enough.
  • Brown Athletics/BDH Sports: Brown is still a D-1 school even if more than half the campus has no idea what that means…

Om Nom Nom

  • Blue Room/Ivy Room/The Gate: Ah, the Holy Trinity of Brown Dining Services retail (sorry, Jo’s, you need to climb on the social media bandwagon.) While their styles of tweeting vary greatly (the Blue Room constantly updates followers with pictures and the status of the bread pudding, the Ivy Room provides commentary on the night’s offerings and Mac & Cheese availability and the Gate gets right to the point with daily specials), they’re definitely useful to have — maybe not for entertainment purposes, but it’s always good to be up-to-date with General Tso’s Chicken specials.
  • Mama Kim’s: Our own food truck celebrity, Mama Kim’s has always been there for us. With frequent updates on schedule, location and daily menu, they skillfully use their social media reach to satisfy our post-seminar kimchi cravings.
  • Mijo’s: This taco truck is both informative and entertaining. Ever wonder what chef Peter Gobin is thinking? Want to test his knowledge on your favorite order? Or simply find out where they’re parked for the weekday lunch rush? Just tweet at them! They’re also quite bold with their social media, tweeting the likes of Aziz Ansari and taking stabs at their followers’ usual orders. Four for you, Mijo’s.
  • Providence Coffee Roasters: If you haven’t tried the new truck on the block, you should. Coffee on wheels is the best thing since Mama Kim’s started parking in front of Jo’s on weekends. PCR is very consistent with its updates, so if you’re rushing to a section, just check their recent tweets to see where they’re parked.


  • Gaiiil: Can’t get enough of her at the Ratty? Neither can we. Follow this (unfortunately) fake account and let yourself be comforted by her signature one-syllable greeting. #Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
  • Shiva Balaghi: After we inadvertently discovered Professor Balaghi’s alias twitter account earlier this semester, she has been tweeting up a storm about happenings in the Middle East, as well as the occasional pic of her straight up chilling with a Bieber cutout.  Keep it up Professor, and don’t stop sending the @mentions our way.
  • Wyclef Jean: Remember that one time Wyclef was a visiting fellow? Remember when we had major bragging rights when his name was proudly listed on the Africana Studies website? Remember when he redeemed the BCA for twenty minutes last Spring Weekend? Let’s relive those wonderful moments on the Interwebz and sway to the rhythm of Wyclef’s cover of “No Woman No Cry
And, finally, the Holy Grail of Brown social media… Enjoy.
Think we forgot someone? Suggest other Brown-related Twitter accounts in the comments! Image via.

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