Blorgchiving: Why couldn’t I bring a backpack to Sorkin?

Writer/editor/journA-list Andrew Ross Sorkin lectured in Salomon 101 tonight at 7 pm as part of the Brown Lecture Board series. As has become the norm for Lecture Board events, bags, backpacks, food and drink were prohibited at the event. (Though I snuck in a cookie. Shh.) But why?

These people. On April 22, 2008, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman began an Earth Day speech in Salomon 101 on the role of globalization in the environmental movement. Seconds into his speech, two audience members and self-proclaimed environmental activists stormed the stage and threw green whipped cream pies at Friedman. The incident prompted national headlines and University embarrassment. (Is that why the University press releases for 2007-2008 aren’t archived on the Brown website? #justsaying). Check out the video above.

Impressively enough, even covered in green whipped cream, Friedman still delivered his planned lecture — and received two standing ovations, according to The Herald. It seemed Sorkin was aware of the pie incident — at one point during the lecture he joked that he’d brought his own pie.

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