HuffPo Poll: Brown Most Intellectual School (Still can’t pass orgo)

Really? Of all the scenic places on campus, you chose the medical buildings?

Somewhere between our nonstop discussions of sex, debates between V-Dub or Ratty and complaining about orgo, we Brown students are actually intellectual. At least, that’s according to a poll by Unigo published on Huffington Post.

The poll used completely scientific metrics to identify schools with students “who happily spend all their waking hours in pursuit of intellectual stimulation, questioning life, challenging the status quo and letting their curiosity run wild.”

The pollsters, however, were not aware that all our vigorous, intellectual conversations are really the same three recycled debates about heteronormativity, why we became a vegetarian and why we stopped being a vegetarian.

Brown’s king of the pretentious assholes nerds because, according to an anonymous senior (really HuffPo? It’s not like you’re whistle-blowing about a secret underground drug cartel that sells out at the intersection of Charlesfield and Hope every Thursday night at 9:00 and the secret password is “social construct”), “everyone in every class has chosen to be there.”

Or, in most people’s cases, everyone not there has chosen to skip class to catch up on Arrested Development.

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