Time-waster of the day: December 8, 2011

Ryan Gosling may not be Sexiest Man Alive, but he certainly is Sexiest Meme Alive. Spin-offs of the original Hey Girl Tumblr, which pairs adorable pictures of R-Gos with equally adorable captions, are everywhere. And some of them are pretty great.

We first fell in love (in an empowered, 21st century kind of way) with Feminist Ryan Gosling, but these days there are so many we don’t even know who to choose. Public Historian R-Gos? Librarian GoslingThesis Gosling and Biostatistics Gosling feel particularly relevant at this point in the semester. There’s even Gosblr, a Tumblr devoted to Ryan Gosling Tumblrs, the existence of which makes me kind of worry that we’re all on the brink of implosion.

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