Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: December 9, 2011

If you caught The Daily Show’s hilarious recap of Chafee’s coming under fire from Christians for refusing to add “Christmas” before the name of the state’s holiday tree, you may remember John Stewart mentioning that the Founding Father’s cared so little about the holiday that they actually held sessions on the 25th for 67 years. According to the ProJo’s PolitiFact Rhode Island, the American Civil Liberties Union and the History Channel have made similar claims—which are apparently false.  After checking Congressional journals between 1789 and 1856, PolitFact investigators concurred that each chamber only met once on Christmas during that period.

The North Providence town council voted Tuesday that anyone addressing the council must now be “sworn in,” drawing a concerned response from the American Civil Liberties Union’s state director Steven Brown. While Brown argues that the measure will create a “chilling effect” on public input to the council thus forward, advocate Councilwoman Alice Brady said the new policy would support a more professional atmosphere in the council.  Even so, the council has yet to determine what the technicalities of “swearing in” would entail.

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