What to do tonight: 12/10

The Annual Beary Keys Holiday Concert
8 — 9:30 pm | Salomon 001 | Free

The Bear Necessities and the Higher Keys join forces once again with the goal of imparting holiday merriment on the masses. With offering like this, we don’t doubt their capabilities.

B.U.M.S. Holiday Concert
4 — 5:30 pm | St. Stephen’s Church | Free

Yup, the holiday cheer-spreading continues. This one’s in a church. With traditional carols. And seasonal refreshments. Plus, it’s going down right during that awkward afternoon lull during which, let’s face it, you’re not getting anything done. Cheer up with the Madrigals. Then, get back to work.

“Night” Multimedia Performance
8 — 9:30 pm | Granoff, Studio 1 | Free

“Night” is the concert-culmination of the course, Digital Performance. Explore myth, fantasy, reality and various pasts with graduate students from the MEME program.

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