How to pass the time waiting for the NDR

Three words. Five syllables. Twice a year, before finals start in the fall and spring, a merry band of Brown students provides studiers with two of our favorite things: nudity and free food.

If this is your first semester at Brown, take note: the night and time of the Naked Donut Run is always kept secret until immediately prior, but, for the most part, the runs are held the night before finals start. The evening the run is rumored to take place, the libraries are even more packed than a usual night during finals week. It’s also usually pretty obvious that half the people there don’t really have a reason to be in the FriSC at midnight – they’re just waiting for their biannual dose of tasteful nudity and tasty donuts.

If you’re one of those people who stakes out a library spot solely to catch a glimpse of what you could see any day on John Street (plus baked goods), it can get boring waiting for the runners to arrive. Here are some ways you can pass the time other than refreshing Facebook every other minute to see if your friend at the Rock has posted about naked people:

  • Bring some friends you haven’t had a chance to see in a while. As long as you stake out a spot where talking is allowed, you won’t get too many glares. You can catch up on life and be simultaneously weirded out and pleased when the runners arrive.
  • Take a nap. You know you need the sleep. Just watch out for people taking pictures, and make sure you wake up in time for a delicious early morning donut.
  • Listen to musicBlogDH has lots of suggestions.
  • Explore the stacks. Sure, you might run into a few people studying for their anatomy and chemistry finals, but you’re also pretty much guaranteed to find some interesting-looking — or downright strange — books to skim.  And if one really catches your attention, you can even take it out and read it when your finals are over (psh, reading for fun?  Who does that anymore?).
  • Actually study or write your final papers. Riiiight.

The run could be any upcoming night, so keep your eyes open while you study — we know that can be hard to do!

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