Web Civ: The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project Wraps Up

A while back, we published a post featuring The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project, in which Northwestern student Lawrence Dai vowed to sit through a full screening of Julie & Julia (2009) every single day for the course of a year and blog about his experience. It was a venture undertaken at the cost of 44,895 man-hours and compromised mental health. Two weeks ago, he hit his 365th watch.

We think it’s best to start at the very beginning in order to properly track Lawrence’s descent into madness (and the evolution of his pending plan to assassinate Amy Adams), but we know you’re busy and all so we’ve composed our own greatest hits from the blog:

Day 1: “This film is simply delightful!” Just you wait.

Day 13: Lawrence begins to match lyrics from Kanye West’s My Dark Twisted Fantasy to what’s going on in the movie. “I don’t need your pussy, bitch, I’m on my own dick” apparently coordinates with Julie’s husband (“Not-Mark-Ruffalo”) looking at her. 

Day 31: “I’m just gonna come out and say it. Julie & Julia is racist.” Lawrence assesses the one black character in the film who has any dialogue, Julie’s co-worker Ernestine. We never get a good look at her and her one line is, “I didn’t tell him, I swear.” Lawrence is perturbed.

Day 96: Lawrence watches Julie & Julia with a mask on. It adds nothing to the viewing experience.

Day 132: Lawrence writes a piece of Julie & Julia erotic fan fiction. An excerpt:

“You know how they say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Julia asked. “Harrummfph,” Paul snorted in reply, exhausted from their passionate lovemaking and extensive foreplay, which involved every cured meat you could dream of. “Well, that’s bullshit,” she said. “The quickest way to a man’s heart is his through his stiff cock.”

Day 148: “Jamie D. Hall has probably lived a fulfilling life. It’s just too bad that the only thing Jamie D. Hall will ever be remembered for is his role as “Cheese Guy” in Julie & Julia.” In one of his popular Random-Actor-Tuesday posts, Lawrence speculates on the utter meaninglessness of one bit-player’s life – as evidenced by his burgeoning IMDb page.

Day 161: “All Julie and no Julia makes Lawrence a dull boy.”

Day 169: Lawrence meets up with one of his loyal readers, a 13 year-old girl, to watch Julie & Julia. Uh-oh.

Day 188: Lawrence takes screenshots of characters’ hands. Again, it adds nothing to the viewing experience.

Day 246: Cheese Guy writes a guest column!

Day 275: Lawrence pens a few Julie & Julia haikus. Because everyone loves haikus.

is the saddest thing ever.
Julia Childless.

Woke up this morning,
Watched Julie & Julia.
I wish I were dead.

Day 292: Lawrence watches Julie & Julia with 3D glasses. The film itself is not in 3D.

Day 307: Lawrence astutely identifies the best times to masturbate during Julie & Julia.


Day 327: Lawrence watches Julie & Julia slowed down 0.5x. So, four hours.

Day 365: “Here’s what Julie & Julia really taught me. It taught me discipline. It taught me to never give up. It taught me that even the stupidest of ideas could find a home on the Internet.”


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