Making shopping period easier:

Everyone knows Shopping Period can be a little stressful from time to time. Yes, these ten days of carefree, caution-to-the-wind class hopping are a hallmark of the (not so) New Curriculum. But who are we kidding? More often than not, shopping classes becomes a clusterfuck of epic proportions. We’re here to help – and so too is Jonah Kagan ’13.

With the help of girlfriend Liz Neu ’14, Jonah created, a new website that collects information from current students about their favorite classes at Brown. The idea is simple: after logging on, students enter their three favorite classes, designated by course code, title, or professor. The website then aggregates the results and lists the classes by number of responses. Courses offered this semester are highlighted in white to signify their availability, while visitors to the site can find links to the Critical Review and Mocha entries for each class as well.

Amazingly, the entire site was thrown together in only a few days. After Kagan tried to help suitemate Chris Fitzsimmons ’13 find a fourth class, the two juniors realized there was no online listing of the University’s most beloved courses. “We decided there should be,” said Kagan, “and that’s when I had the idea for Best of Brown.”

In the future, Jonah said he hopes to add a feature that would allow students to see the classes their close friends have listed as their favorites. In the meantime, however, they’re still working on finding a fourth class for Chris.  “Hopefully,” Kagan added, “we can get enough users in the next couple days to make that happen.”


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    Won’t this just end up being the largest courses at Brown?

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