Beyond Beyond the Bottle: Shop Eco-friendly Classes!

It’s shopping period, ladies and gents, and I’m taking this opportunity to plug my favorite subject: the environment! I’m of the opinion that everyone should take a class with the word “environment(al)” in the title by the time they’ve graduated. You don’t think that sounds reasonable? Well, I’ve been doing my research, and environmental studies does a pretty good job of making itself relevant to most departments in one way or another. Just to make it easier for all of you lovely non-concentrators, I’m compiling a list of classes in other departments that satisfy my personal environmental studies requirement for the Brown community — no excuses now! Shop ’em while you can, and don’t forget to turn off the lights and grab your water bottles while you’re at it!

For the Politics, Policy & Economics Crowd: 

ECON1350: Environmental Economics and Policy
POLS1730: Environmental Politics in the United States
INTL1450: Political Economy of the Environment in Latin America
SCSO1720: Environmental Justice: Science and Political Economy of Environmental Health and Social Justice

History Buffs, look no further! 

HIST1976Y: Energy and Environment in American History
AMCV1903R: Big Business, the Bomb, and Smokey Bear: Cold War Origins of Today’s Environmental Movement

Calling all Bio & Chem lovers: 

BIOL2840I: Human Health, the Environment, and Public Policy
CHEM1660: Instrumental Analysis with Environmental Applications 

I see you, literati: 

ENGL0201H: Green Shakespeare: Literature, Ecology, and the Nonhuman
[Disclaimer: I realize “environment” isn’t in the title but c’mon! it’s GREEN Shakespeare!]
ENVS1420: Environmental Journalism

Everything else! 

ANTH1555: Environmental Anthropology
RELS0260: Religion Gone Wild: Spirituality and the Environment
URBN1870: The Environment Built: Urban Environmental History and urban Environmentalism for the 21st Century

Happy shopping!

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