Yale, Dartmouth, UVA and More Imitate College Hill Troll Community

It seems the whole meme revolution has gone viral. If you missed “MEME-ism: ‘-Isms’ in Internet Culture, Phenomena and Trends” yesterday at the Underground (why you would ever turn down free Shanghai is beyond me), you can still get a sense of how widespread Insanity Wolves, Success Kids, and Condescending Wonkas have become just by stalking browsing the Facebook meme pages of various colleges and universities.

Brown’s very own meme page — The College Hill Troll Community – Br.U.Mad? — has over 1,170 followers and has proven to be relevant as it posts timely material; the page absolutely blew up yesterday after the tragic announcement that the V-Dub would be closed for Chicken Finger Friday.

Bold thinking, Keanu.

While Brown, naturally, was a pioneer with its Facebook page, certain unnamed schools in New Haven, Hanover, and Charlottesville, among others, seem to have jumped on the meme bandwagon. All three sites have gotten hundreds of followers in just a couple of days, and the growth doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon. Stalking these pages is kind of like listening to inside joke after inside joke that you’re not a part of, but we just seem to keep doing it anyway. Some memes that we understand (and some that we don’t) after the jump.

Some are universally applicable to college life:

Some we can’t understand to save our lives (if someone from Dartmouth could please explain this, we would be greatly appreciate it):

Though, to be fair, I don’t think anyone outside of Brown really gets this:

Friends, it’s only a matter of time until your grandmother asks you what trolling is. Study up.

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