Unlucky in Love: Valentine’s Day for the Bitter Singles

Don't pretend it's not true.

If you’re at all like me, then the only good part of Valentine’s Day is all the chocolate that goes on sale February 15th. Whether you’re happily single or forever alone, Valentine’s Day is essentially a holiday created to remind you of something you don’t have. For some reason, everything becomes more disgusting on Valentine’s Day: I may own a closetful of hot pink and I may love romantic comedies, but on Valentine’s Day, they each make me want to vomit.

It’s easiest to avoid the Valentine’s Day blues if you’ve got single friends with whom to spend the day, but we can’t all be so lucky. You can’t really have a girls’ night with only one girl. So what should you do to occupy your time? Well, there’s always the SciLi, but if the idea of actually being productive through your wallowing doesn’t appeal to you, we’ve got some ideas for a Valentine’s Day all by your lonesome.

1. Bake. Most people would not advocate eating your feelings, but once a year it really can’t hurt. If you’re feeling particularly bitter and vengeful, bake enough to share – but only with fellow singles. Your friends may have boyfriends/girlfriends, but you have cupcakes. Seems fair, right?

2. See a movie – but choose carefully. Unless you’re a masochist, certain movies are 100% off-limits on Valentine’s Day. I don’t care how much you like Ryan Gosling, you need to put The Notebook away. If you’re into horror, blood and guts might be the perfect cure for bitter loneliness. But if nightmares aren’t your thing, take advantage of the alone time to see something arty that your friends don’t want to see.

No, SciLi. Just no.

3. Go for a run. Of course, running is as clichéd a mood-lifter as they come, but it really shouldn’t be discounted. If your friends are always flaky about exploring off-campus, bundle up and jog to a new area. If you’re not feeling the cold, go to a gym — on the plus side, you’ll probably have some eye candy there (not that we at BlogDH condone objectification). Also, endorphins!

4. Don’t be ashamed if you absolutely need to have a good cry. No matter how manly you think you are, here at Brown we’re all about blurring the lines and eschewing gender stereotypes. I won’t judge (but your neighbors might) if you decide it’s necessary to blast some music and curl up into a ball. If you need to find me on February 14th, chances are I’ll be in my suite with my two best friends: Taylor Swift and Adele.

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