FlogDailyHerald: Faulty Street Lamp Edition

It’s a familiar scenario: it’s late at night and you’re walking home. You want to get there as fast as you can to get to sleep and out of the cold. Even though you know that a yellow-jacketed security guard is probably waiting right around the corner, crime alert emails and stories of rogue masturbators can’t help but fill your mind. Then you walk by the MCM building, and the streetlight turns off as you pass. Creepy, right?

Brown deserves two flogs for the faulty street lamps around campus that don’t seem to understand how motion sensors are supposed to work. First of all, shouldn’t this have been fixed by now? From what I can tell, these lamps haven’t been doing their job for at least two years — current juniors who lived in Perkins their freshman year may recall nighttime walks down Young Orchard Avenue, the sudden darkness reminding them just how badly they wished they lived in Keeney (wait, would anyone actually wish that?). The fact that these street lamps haven’t been working properly for several years indicates that there have to be some people who have noticed their propensity to work in the exact opposite way that they should. So why hasn’t anything been done about them?

Secondly, it just isn’t safe for streets — especially those on the far corners of campus — to be dark at night. DPS sends emails, writes to The Herald, and advertises pretty much everywhere about its initiatives to ensure our safety, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t occasional robberies. Ensuring that streets students live on are well-lit would make those walks home from the library a lot less stressful (and safe). I get that Brown’s all about environmentalism and being green, but putting motion sensors in street lamps shouldn’t be how we conserve energy — especially if the motion sensors don’t even work correctly!

In case you’re interested (or you’re someone important who can get things fixed), there are four known street lamps that seem to be a little confused about how exactly they’re supposed to function: one in front of the MCM building, one directly across the street from the MCM building, one on Young Orchard Avenue, and one on Charlesfield between Thayer and Brown. Happy walking!


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