I apologize if it looks like I’m yelling at you. I can’t help that it’s Leap Day!

This man knows how to party.

Wahoo! The Gregorian calendar is finally in sync with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun! We give you the 365.25 reasons why we love February 29th:

  1. Leap Day babies turn 5 (or 6). Happy birthday to any five-year-olds (or six-year-olds?) on campus today. You never imagined that you would completely bypass kindergarten to become one of the youngest students at Brown University, did you? We also know you’ve never heard this joke before. We look forward to celebrating your 21st birthday with you in 2076.
  2. Real life doesn’t begin until March 1. This means that you have an extra day to procrastinate on just about everything.
  3. You have 24 more hours at your disposal — more time to watch Leap Day William in all his glory!
  4. You can celebrate an even more arbitrary holiday: “Bonus Day.”
  5. What better day is there to play a solid game of Leap Frog? Google feels us.
  6. … Like you needed another excuse to see a terrible Amy Adams movie.
  7. You can celebrate the half-birthday of everyone who was born on August 30! Sadly, their half-birthday does not actually exist (Author’s note: I am speaking from traumatic childhood experience; I never received half-birthday presents).

The last time Leap Day was here, you were in high school. When it comes again, you will be on the other side of the Van Wickle Gates. Enjoy this one and only chance to celebrate this holiday in the land of Brunonia!

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