A Weekend of Theater, Part Two: Guests

If you’re involved with or interested in Brown student productions, this week’s true holiday event has yet to come (sorry, Leap Day William). Starting this Friday, two separate student-created theater pieces will be taking their respective stages. We’ve already hyped up one of them — Deepali Gupta ’12 and co.’s We Can Rebuild Him — and we thought it’d only be fair to give the other, Guests, some well-deserved spotlight.

Guests is a movement piece that premieres TONIGHT (3/2) at Production Workshop’s downspace in T.F. Green (7 Young Orchard Avenue) at 8 p.m. PW only chooses seven shows a year to put on in its downspace, so it’s bound to be good. If you needed more convincing (or you don’t feel prepared for back-to-back shows this weekend), we’ve got three reasons why you should go see Guests after the jump.

1) Directed and conceived by Ari Rodriguez ’13 and performed by a company of seven actors, Guests is entirely student-run. And as everyone here knows, the best things at Brown are student-run.

2) Ari worked with his seven cohorts to develop a series of movement pieces that create a story that is one hour and ten minutes long. Guests may be taking a smaller stage than We Can Rebuild Him, but it’s every bit as daring and grand as its PW counterpart.

3) Unless you’re already a frequent theater-goer, chances are you could use some more PW in your life. There’s something great to be said about PW (and the creativity of our student body as a whole) when you can see two new, entirely student-run productions in one weekend. So get to the theater and relieve some of this week’s stress, courtesy of PW.

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