Brace Yourselves: Pauly D has a new reality show

Yeah, buddy! Your favorite Rhode Island native, DJ Pauly D, is back at it again. We thought his new ‘Jersey Shore’ spinoff, ‘The Pauly D Project,’ was his GISP. Obviously, we were wrong.

The new reality show follows the self-proclaimed “small town boy [living in a lonely world]” as he leaves the comfort of Lil Rhody in pursuit of fame and success as a DJ. Childhood friends in tow, Pauly makes moves as he books a variety of gigs and spends a lot of time with the ladiez. Like any other bad MTV show, the combination of “The Pauly D Posse” (although we think they should be called “The Plastics”), the pursuit of happiness and the single life can only mean one thing: the show must take place in Vegas, baby!

The show’s trailer (above) reveals that he spins a variety of shows in Sin City, opens for Britney Spears in Puerto Rico and signs a record deal with 50 Cent. Props for shooting for the moon and landing among the stars, Pauly D. Keep partying it up in Vegas, but we’ll miss seeing you at the intersection of Brown and Waterman… and Geoff’s.

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