Pimp My Munchies: Birthday Cake Oreos

OREO HITS THE BIG 100 TODAY. To honor the best-selling cookie of the 21st century and 100 years of snacking, Kraft is launching a worldwide, multimedia campaign with the theme “Celebrate the kid inside.” In addition to video and print advertisements, Kraft is airing commercials in fifteen different countries that will showcase moments in which Oreos bring out the inner kid in everyone, according to a New York Times article.

Obviously, no birthday is complete without cake and sprinkles. So, Kraft is pimping out the Oreo frosting and adding sprinkles in a limited-time, special edition “birthday cake Oreo.” Grab yourself a package of these tasty cookies to enjoy with a glass of milk. If you’re not down with the classics, test out some of these recipes, after the jump 

  • Just in case Oreos aren’t chocolatey enough for you already, you can have decadent Oreo truffles!
  • It’s March. That means that you have obviously given up that New Year’s Resolution to eat healthy and should try this recipe for deep fried Oreos.
  • For our Advanced Placement bakers out there, try your hand at this one. Oreos inside chocolate chip cookies. Nothing is better than meta dessert!
AV Club did a review of these special cookies. Though we rarely quote so extensively, but this passage was too perfect to pass up:

Taste: My reaction: as expected. These are delicious, and I could probably eat the whole bag (which, it should be noted, contains only 20 cookies) by myself. The super-sweet smell hits first, and it pretty much nails birthday-cake frosting. (I guess that’s not too different than the usual Oreo cream, but sweeter and somehow more yellow-smelling. No, I’m not on drugs.) The wafer seems slightly harder and crunchier than a standard Oreo, perhaps because they’re imprinted with “Oreo 100” and thus don’t have the same crinkly texture as normal Oreos.

The filling has little sprinkles in it, though they’re really just for show—they don’t crunch or offer any flavor that I can detect. But they do visually communicate “THIS IS A BIRTHDAY CAKE! HAVE SOME FUN, ASSHOLE!”

…so have some fun, even if you’re not an asshole.

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