Sextion: Happy Sex Week!

It’s Sex Week @ Brown.

SHEEC, the Sexual Health Education & Empowerment Center, organizes the 7-day long event comprised of workshops, lectures, screenings, and more. Sex Week is in its fourth year and is in full swing until this Saturday, March 17.

The point of Sex Week? To “bring events to campus about things people may want to know about but might not feel comfortable asking about,” says Jenn Conti ’12, co-chair of SHEEC. “Sex and sexual health are usually spun in a negative way — ‘don’t do this, don’t do that’ — but through Sex Week, we’re talking about things in a sex-positive way.”

Sex-positive? Sounds good to me!

But is Sex Week just another sad example of Brown kids talking about sex without actually having any? Maybe. Sex Week certainly won’t go around knocking on Keeney doors and forcing coitus where it’s not wanted. But talking about sex openly might be the first step in that giant leap from just curious to full-blown sexually active. Plus, some events — like the “Orchestrating Orgasms” workshop with star sex educator Megan Andelloux — prove much less academic and much more utilitarian, hem hem.

Events at Sex Week you should not miss: 

Best Speaker: “Kink, Race, and Class” with Ignacio Rivera. Rivera, who prefers the pronoun “they,” has travelled around the world discussing sex and the way it intersects with class, race, and politics. According to their* description on Sacred Sex Roundup, Rivera, also known as Papí Coxxx “identifies as a Queer, gender-fluid, polyamorous, kinky, Black-Boricua.”

Most Delicious Time: “Sex and Chocolate in the Dark.” An opportunity to talk about sex and enjoy tasty chocolate while in a comfy setting. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac and also happens to be Heather HotPants’ favorite food. Why not go? It’s free!

Most Informative: Orchestrating Orgasms Workshop” with Megan Andelloux. Come learn all about the biology and psychology surrounding orgasms. Megan is a great speaker and will get into those fine details while still retaining her charm and sense of humor.

Most Unexpected Combination: “Pink Japan, Contemporary Sex Culture” with Midori. This year, SHEEC has teamed up with the Japanese Cultural Association to showcase an entirely new collaboration. It’s sure to bring a cool new perspective to campus.

To see a full list of Sex Week events, click here.

Hope you can make it to a few events. I know I’ll be there!
Until next time,

*Editor’s Note: the use of “their” in this sentence is a reflection of Rivera’s desire to identify with this gender-neutral pronoun. The use of gender-neutral language is common within pro-LGBTQ organizations


  1. Hi, just a quick note that you mis-pronouned Ignacio Rivera — you noted that they prefer the pronoun “they” but then referred to their description as “his”.

  2. TN

    If Rivera prefers the pronoun “they”, why didn’t you write “their description”?

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