Any day now, BCA…

While we’re waiting to hear who BCA scored for Spring Weekend 2012 (April 20 & 21), here’s a fairly complete round-up of all of the recent rumors from Spotted@Brown, strewn about amid Kony debate, casual hookup requests and passive aggressive noise complaints. I looked up each act’s tour schedule on Songkick to gauge its feasibility:

Ludacris is playing in Alabama in May and at Bonnaroo (TN) in June. Solid 5/10 for plausibility.

Yeasayer‘s only upcoming gig is a music festival in the UK in July (plus they played here in 2009). Fleet Foxes last played in September and don’t currently have anything scheduled. Diplo is touring heavily now through August and doesn’t have any solo performances scheduled for the few weeks around SWbut his project Major Lazer is performing in the UK on both nights.   Mike Posner has a March date and Bamboozle, but I’m going with a 0/10 AKA impossible since Diplo can’t be in two places at once…

Flava Flav doesn’t have anything scheduled, but Public Enemy is touring lightly March through August and isn’t busy for the weeks surrounding SW. Soulja Boy is playing in the Netherlands May 3. I dunno, 4/10?

Usher played in Johannesburg this weekend and doesn’t have anything coming up. Deadmau5 is touring this year and has nothing going on between April 1 and May 30. Maybe a 6/10 for this one?

Ja Rule hasn’t performed since like 2006 (well, OK, last April) and doesn’t have anything coming up. Beach House is touring starting early May. 12th Planet has stuff lined up for the next few months but nothing between April 6 and May 4. Headhunterz is playing at a festival March 31 and has nothing else lined up. Maybe a 4/10 for this one…  I tend to deduct points for acts that aren’t already touring; why would they crawl out of their holes for us? (Note: I have no idea how this works.)

Dr. Dre‘s at Coachella, so… yeah. 0/10.

Pretty Lights is in Mississippi the Thursday before Spring Weekend, but I guess airplanes are fast. Fleet Foxes, as mentioned above, doesn’t look to have anything coming up. J. Cole is playing in Pennsylvania and North Carolina on our Spring Weekend nights. Ratatat last played in November and doesn’t have anything lined up, but that’s irrelevant; this collective lineup is already at a 0/10 for plausibility.

We’ll find out soon enough whether any of these “leaks” was on the right track at all!


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