Fiery peppers from the New Urban Farmers

Perfect for the Providence weather

WTF is happening under Faunce Arch? We have the answer: a group of farmers from the New Urban Farmers, a collective of farmers based in Pawtucket, is handing out freshly roasted peppers to passersby. The group is using a giant-fire-spitting-turning-grill-thing to cook the peppers that they grew on their farm.

Similar to the award-winning Brown Market Share Program, the group aims to connect local farmers to the communities that they help feed. The group runs a market shares program that begins in late May and continues for the next 20 weeks. The price for a full share that feeds 2-3 people is $600, while a family share is $850. The program offers a payment plan that lets you pay per week. By buying into the share, you become a member of the New Urban Farmers. The money that’s paid to the program goes towards buying seeds, farming equipment, water and labor. And the produce that you get is completely organic!

So if you’re staying in Providence for the summer, consider joining the New Urban Farmers community. After all, “The community that grows together – grows together.”

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