BREAKING: Alright, Spring Weekend is a mastermind…

At long last, the BCA announced the lineup for Spring Weekend 2012. And it’s FUCKING AWESOME.
Headlining Friday night we have fan favorite, Community star, Emmy-winner, bro rapist, modern renaissance man, general baller individual CHILDISH GAMBINO!  We had TOTALLY written off any chance of him performing, considering his involvement with the Leviathan Music and Arts Festival, but we’ve never been happier to be absolutely wrong.

Opening up for Childish, we have Providence’s own brass band WHAT CHEER? BRIGADE and previously BNM’d bass music duo SEPALCURE. The two acts, with their respective horns and samplers, will undoubtedly provide an energetic musical prelude to Gambino’s witty wordplay.

For Saturday’s lineup, BCA has truly outdone itself. The two openers, both of whom are headliners in their own right, are TWIN SHADOW and the polar opposite of Twin Shadow, also known as CAM’RON. Following this onslaught of new wave and early aughts rap music, we will face the deafening electro of THE GLITCH MOB (which apparently makes the world stop).

And also Lissy Trullie will be performing to satisfy her unfulfilled contract.

Stay tuned throughout the next few weeks for artist profiles, ticket information and more 12 Days of Spring Weekend goodies!



  1. Actually...

    Actually Donald Glover doesn’t have an Emmy. He has a few WGA awards though.

  2. Matt Klimerman

    He actually won an Emmy as a writer for 30 Rock (it counts!). It’s a crime that he hasn’t won one for Community though. Same with Danny Pudi.

  3. Check imdb. He was on stage b/c he was a writer, but he didn’t win for writing. The Emmy was for best comedy series, and since he is not a producer, he did not get one. He does not have an Emmy.

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