Time-waster of the day: April 10, 2012

With Spring Weekend not but ten days away, chances are you’re kicking work mode into high gear for the next week and a half, and locking yourself in the PBR AQR. Because nothing says lame-o like ditching a dance party with your good friend Molly to write that ten-page paper on structural inequality in post-Soviet Russia. #wherethePutinat?

If that is in fact the case and productivity really is your goal, allow me to apologize in advance for the epic distraction I’m about to bestow upon you and this small, snarky corner of the interwebz. Created by the French media studio So Far So Good, Incredibox is a DIY beatboxing application that allows you to create and record personalized jamz by mixing and matching samples from an interactive library. Hooray! Now you no longer need worry about embarrassing yourself and/or accidentally spitting on people in the name of dropping a beat.

Hello procrastination, goodbye productivity.

Here’s the link to the site: INCREDIBOX

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