Hold on to your hats, this is huge

A month ago, one of our editors had a ridiculous idea. A phenomenally unfeasible plan. Something that would drag BlogDailyHerald kicking and screaming into the limelight of college journalism.

No one thought we could pull it off. We didn’t think we could pull it off.

But the Fates work in mysterious ways.

Much like Indiana Jones escaping from that boulder, or Frodo making it to the Cracks of Doom, our wildest hopes were realized. At least one dove fluttered through the air. Genius, traditionally, is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. What Thomas Edison didn’t know, though, was that you sometimes need to put in some slick phone calls and emails. Come with us, children, and see the groundbreaking results of our labors… after the jump.


Perhaps this is a good time for a history lesson.

Vincent “Buddy” Cianci was the longest-serving mayor in Providence history. He led the city during two stints that spanned four decades and much of the late 20th century (everything sounds cooler when spoken of in terms of centuries). He made a name for himself through his anti-corruption campaigning, being the city’s first Italian-American mayor ever (some Irish guys ran Providence for the previous 150 years), and by becoming one of those classic, powerful, charismatic political figures. In the late ’70s there was talk of Cabinet seats, maybe some VP action. In the ’90s, Mayor Cianci helped launch Providence into “Renaissance City” territory, bringing in the Providence Bruins and establishing Waterfire and the Providence Place Mall, among other changes. This is a guy who never lost a mayoral election, although both reigns ended due to highly-publicized scandals that have grown into Providence legends. Despite being out of office since 2002, and a five-year federal prison sentence that ended in 2007, Cianci retains the popularity and media savvy that helped him make his mark on Providence history. Also, he has his own radio show and marinara sauce.

It was Cianci’s colorful political past that prompted us to contact him with a strange request: Buddy Cianci, famous former mayor, would you mind taking a picture of your breakfast and sending it to us so we can post it on BlogDailyHerald for the world to see?

The answer? A resounding yes.

And so, Dear Reader, we give you the inaugural edition of Breakfast with Buddy, an unadulterated snapshot of a great man’s plate. Check back in every Wednesday for a glimpse into the culinary habits of one of Rhode Island’s best-known sons — and maybe some extra tidbits to go with it. Who knows…

Buddy was nice enough to do the calorie crunch for us:

  • Two slices of whole wheat toast, 100.
  • Yogurt, 80.
  • Grapefruit, 35.
  • Coffee, unknown (but who cares? It’s delicious black gold).

One more thing: When asked whom he would invite for Spring Weekend, Buddy said James Montgomery. Dude’s got some funky class.


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    Well played, blogdailyherald.

  2. this is the goddamn ultimate.

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