So your friend’s visiting on Spring Weekend…

Editor’s note: This is an updated version of a post that went up before Spring Week 2012. Enjoy!

After two years of nagging, pleading, and incessantly bragging about the grandeur of Thayer Street at lunchtime, I finally achieved the seemingly impossible: I convinced my friend from home to come visit me. In a very fortunate turn of events, our availability matched up on Spring Weekend. If you haven’t caught on by the midnight raging on Wriston our festive banner, Spring Weekend is kind of a big deal. However, your non-Brunonian friend might not know that.

My goal for this weekend: convince my friend that Brown, Spring Weekend, and everything that goes with them, are awesome. So if your friend, sibling, or acquaintance from ADOCH who chose Harvard is crashing on your floor for the most wonderful time of the academic calendar, here’s a guide to making Spring Weekend as authentic and memorable for your friend as possible, after the jump. 

First, you should make sure to secure an extra ticket to one (or both) of the concerts. Isn’t the point of Spring Weekend to celebrate the fact that the BCA secured a Coachella headliner? So whether you’re itching to see The Dirty Projectors in the flesh or pretend you went to Ultra by raging with the A-Trak, the concerts are the official attraction of the weekend. Your options are: go to the BCA website and purchase outdoor tickets (understanding that the forecast for Friday and Saturday looks grim at the moment) or pester your hallmates to sell you a ticket for your friend at what will likely be a ridiculously inflated price. Also inform your friend of the unofficial Spring Weekend attire: tanks on tanks on tanks.

If your guest is coming into Providence on Thursday, convince him/her that the SPEC Day Carnival is not lame. Freshmen, do not be fooled: the SPEC Carnival is a very important part of any Spring Weekend experience. It’s food, performances, carnival games, and a MECHANICAL BULL. C’MON.

So you’ve gone to all the organized Spring Weekend events… Now what? If it’s your guest’s first time at Brown, give him/her a little tour. Saturday morning will probably be very quiet on campus, so take your friend on a scenic walk across campus, making your way to Wickenden for brunch. We are spoiled blessed with a pretty sweet brunch scene. And nothing cures hangovers like all the bacon and eggs they have at Amy’s Place.

Once Saturday night rolls around, it’ll be time to introduce your friend to the Brown social scene. If your guest begrudgingly identifies as a hamster, go downtown to AS220. If your guest is worn out from Spring Weekend festivities, start out the night at Fratty in the Ratty to refuel (always remember to eat).

Spring Weekend comes to a close on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean Sunday isn’t Funday. Get your friend out of bed, pick up some hangover food at Bagel Gourmet Olé, and wear your Spring Weekend tank like a champ on Wriston. It’s Binder time. Whether you follow some of these suggestions or do your own thing, just remember the most important part of Spring Weekend: do what makes you happy.

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