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HHH iPad

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By now, you’ve already either received/purchased an iPad or heard about it from your friends enough to know that there are a million and a half things to do with it. (If not, check this out!) (By the way, I’m talking here about Apple’s tablet, unlike the AP…) From note taking to airplane crashing to star gazing, there really isn’t a lot more out there we could ask it to do. But let’s think outside the box…What about that 30-pin connector at the bottom or the Bluetooth capability? Sure you can connect it to your computer, a wireless keyboard, or (if you’re lazy and have money to waste) your digital camera, but imagine all the possibilities…So stop shopping at censoring Apple Stores, and let’s take a gander inside the intertubes to find how you should actually be using your iPad.

Hungry Hungry Hippos
Who didn’t love growing up with the sound of marbles and plastic clanging around the house for hours on end? (Probably our parents.) With the iPad attachment, you can finally have a 4-player game on your tablet that everyone will enjoy, even the 21+ crowd. (Sadly, turns out this was actually thought up as an April Fools’ prank by ThinkGeek, however, a few of their fake products have been created later — see below… Let’s make it happen!)

Arcade games
What started off as a prank turned out to be so loved by geeks worldwide that it was actually made. For a bit more that $100, the iCade brings back the good old days of big non-descript buttons and joysticks to play classic arcade games, such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders or Asteroids. The Atari Arcade is slightly cheaper but works with a smaller number of games.

Pro guitar player? Use the Apogee Jam and GarageBand to record some tunes and impress the ladies. (It’s better than the cheaper iRig because of higher sound quality and the option of connecting to your computer.) Still learning? Plug your iPad in the All-Star Guitar (or Piano Apprentice or Drum Master) and beat Guitar Hero. Looking to join The Glitch Mob? Become like Rana with the iDJ Live.

Extra battery
As endless as the iPad’s battery may seem, good things always come to end (and that end always seems to be in the middle of class). Luckily, there’s a million different options for you to keep playing working on the go. (Apparently, the best one is this option.)

Rubberized balls that fit on the corners of your iPad to protect it when you drop it — why not? Despite the off-putting name choice, they don’t look all that bad…for $25.

Yep, you guessed it. For all the males out there, now you can look down at something other than yourself when you fap. (A hilarious review here.)

Next week, we’ll talk about how Microsoft is going to be cooler than Apple when your kids are going to college.

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