The best advice I ever got (about Spring Week), Vol. 4

Don’t go to the foam party. Just don’t.

In college, you encounter lots of parties. Some of them involve getting dirty with paint or highlighters; most of them involve getting dirty (use your imagination). The Spring Weekend foam party is dirty in both senses of the word. While it might be fun to let your friends draw all over you in fluorescent yellow, grinding in a lukewarm bubble bath full of germs probably will not be — and even if you think it is, you won’t be having so much fun when you discover that you’ve contracted a mysterious illness the next morning. Which is Binder morning. Which is unacceptable.

The Spring Week gods caught on this year: they cancelled the Foam Party.
… and another Spring Week tradition bites the dust.


  1. Lily

    I’m apparently the only one who’s ever had fun at foam party

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