“Nothing Productive” premieres tonight!

Producing a play is hell.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. And maddening. And gut-wrenching.

Do you want all these emotions, and a kickass ensemble cast to go with it? Then hit up Kassar Fox at 9 p.m. tonight and enjoy the debut of “Nothing Productive,” an original webseries chronicling the trials and tribulations of dysfunctional students trying to create functional… stuff. Eight people stuck in one room with an overload of chaos and questionable levels of sanity, attempting to make theater things happen — what could possibly go wrong? Written and directed by Kate Doyle ’12, executively produced by Andrew Favaloro GS, produced by Josh Bloom ’14, and starring the cream of Brown’s acting crop, “Nothing Productive” is, honest to God, the best thing you can do to pump yourselves up for Spring Weekend. You won’t get any work done anyways, so why not have a laugh or ten watching others do the same?

And then watch ours afterwards

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