Time-waster of the day: April 30, 2012

You’re pretty sure that the one rager you threw in high school will go down in the books as the most epic party ever, right? Wrong.

Bets are on that 16-year-old Corey Worthington has you beat: 500 kids showed up at this Australian teen’s house while his parents were out of town. Worthington was fined $20,000 by police, but he doesn’t even seem to be bothered — he’s enjoying the praise from fellow ragers for as long as he can ignore his parents’ phone calls and stall his impending punishment. When this didactic news anchor asks him to give advice to kids who are thinking of throwing a party of their own, Corey responds, “Get me to do it for you. Best party ever so far.” Boom. #sorryhesnotsorry.

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