SPONSORED: Watson Institute to host panel discussion on India and China

Experts from the Brookings Institution and MIT will come together at the Watson Institute this week to discuss political and security issues in Asia. The panel discussion, “Security Perspectives on a Rising Asia: China and India,” will take place on Friday, May 4, at 2 p.m. at Watson’s Joukowsky Forum.

The four-person panel will touch on issues including Chinese and Indian views of a desirable international system, as well as China and India’s policies towards key international players and their smaller neighbors alike. The panelists are also expected to discuss the two countries’ nuclear policies and their roles in international organizations.

The four panelists are: Stephen P. Cohen, a Brookings senior fellow in foreign policy with expertise in India, Pakistan, South Asian security, and proliferation issues; Jonathan Pollack, a Brookings senior fellow in foreign policy with expertise in Chinese political-military strategy, U.S.-China relations, the political and security dynamics of the Korean Peninsula, and U.S. strategy and policy in Asia and the Pacific; Vipin Narang, an assistant professor of political science at MIT whose research interests include nuclear proliferation, South Asian security, quantitative conflict studies, international relations theory, and general security studies; and M. Taylor Fravel, an associate professor of political science and member of the Security Studies Program at MIT.

“Security Perspectives on a Rising Asia: China and India” is part of Brown’s Year of China, a yearlong initiative examining China’s culture, history, people, geography, and neighbors, and its relation to the world. The Year of China initiative aims to explore China’s past, present, and possible future through an array of programs across disciplines.

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