Study break of the day: Anxiety test

Now that reading period is upon us, we Brunonians have officially gone into survival mode as we cram, spend our nights in the SciLi basment and consume more caffeine than we thought was humanly possible.

But just how stressed are we? This high-entropy diagnostic (or, in order words, anxiety) test might have the answer. Unlike other personality tests, this anxiety test tries to pinpoint your areas of “moral capriciousness” by asking you to picture yourself in various hypothetical situations. It then asks you to select one of four answer choices that best represents how that situation makes you feel. The weird part is that the answer choices are just boxes of flashing colors and moving shapes, and you are merely instructed to select the box that is “morally correct.”

I took the test myself, and I have to say I was surprised at how accurate my results were. Whether you believe in online tests or not, this is definitely a good way to break from studying (unless you’re epileptic… in which case the flashing lights and bright colors may not be the best for you. Seriously).

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