Tiger v. bear: A Q & A with Prez-elect Christina Paxson

Last Wednesday’s doughboys and flash mobs proved it: Ruth is leaving, and soon.

Now it’s time to face our collective Brunonian future: Pax City, which…officially begins July 1. The Herald already ran an interview with [Spoiler Alert] Chris, but our ink-stained brethren missed some of the truly important stuff. Like, what does she think about coffee milk? Luckily, Chris took the time to (diplomatically) answer our pressing inquiries:

Where did you get the (awesome) yellow scarf you wore to your announcement?
The chancellor and vice chancellor gave that scarf to me as a gift before the announcement. Did you happen to notice the bears? [Ed: Yes we did!]

Do you have any nicknames? Can we call you one of them?

Most people call me Chris. Feel free to be one of them.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Sleeping past nine — a very rare pleasure. Watching episodes of Lost with my family. We are in the middle of season 3. Re-reading books written by 19th-century women novelists.

What’s your favorite spot on Brown’s campus?

It’s a beautiful campus with so much to explore. I’ve seen a lot of the College Green and have spent time in historic Sayles Hall and in the recently renovated Stephen Roberts Campus Center. I toured the libraries and engineering. I love the Granoff Center, and I can’t wait to see the new Nelson Fitness Center. But it’s hard to beat a classroom — any classroom — as a site where exciting things happen.

Tiger v. bear, in a neutral setting : who would win?

Go bears!

Who is your favorite Rhode Island celebrity (past or present)?

Roger Williams. He stands for the freedom of thought to which we’ve all devoted our lives.

What is your beverage of choice? (Also, how do you feel about coffee milk?)

Espresso. I’ll let you know about coffee milk after I’ve spent more time with it. I’m looking forward to a Del’s, too.

What was your last Halloween costume?

That would be a magician’s robe I made for my youngest son a few years ago. It was his idea — I sewed it. We had a lot of fun with that project.

What stereotypes about Brown did you have before you were offered the job?

That it’s one of the world’s great educational institutions. Oh, wait, that’s the truth!

Would you like a Pax Brunonia shirt? 

I’ll have to check with General Counsel about what gifts I can accept. I can’t be unduly influenced, you know. But if I can’t take it as a gift, I’d be delighted to buy one.

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