The Herald reveals its redesign

The Herald worked with both professional and student designers to create its new design. Our goal is to make the paper easier to read while also updating its look. Comment below, write us a letter or tweet @the_herald to let us know what you think!
  1. We created a new flag to modernize the look of our front page and display clearer, sharper Van Wickle Gates.
  2. We reduced our font by one point so that we can fit more photos and more graphics, and to allow us to space out our stories better. You get more content and more visuals with the same number of pages!
  3. We’ve moved our “Inside” section above the fold so you can see more of our stories right away.
  4. We did away with jump headlines to allow you to find stories’ continuations more easily. Before, navigating to “continued” stories could be confusing because jump headlines were different from front page headlines. Now keywords will direct you where to pick up your reading!
  5. We’ve created sleeker, bolder bylines.
  6. We upcapped photo credits and moved them closer to photos to have a cleaner, more professional design and ensure that captions stand out.
  7. We’ve added our Twitter handle, Facebook name and website so you can find us online more easily.
  8. Our new section tags won’t disrupt the flow of stories.
  9. Bold captions and headlines will catch your eye and make our design more interactive.
  10. We got rid of our table of contents on the front page, because with an 8-12 page paper, we trust you to find all the sections.
Happy reading!

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