Roommate Ice Breakers Vol. 3: The Essential Questions

Despite Michael’s departure and Dwight’s impending spinoff, Brown alumnus Jim Halp—John Krasinski has remained one of the highlights of NBC’s The Office.

In his shining moment, Krasinski led a series of time-wasters after a cheesy pita resulted in a profusion of smoke and very little fire. Jim, gathering most of the office, asks for “Desert Island Picks” and “Who Would You Do?” These little icebreakers might be a little predictable, but the answers are always surprising. Sure, “Who Would You Do?” do is a little crass, but the answers to such questions speak volumes about your newfound friend’s proclivities and cultural taste (and sexual tastes, too). Check out what the answers mean after the jump.

Desert Island Picks:

  • Dazed and Confused: A friend for life.
  • Do the Right Thing: One of the best Spike Lee joints—we’ll take it.
  • Pulp Fiction: A fine friend. Watch out for him at Colosseum  though, or he may get into some gangsta shit.
  • Requiem for a Dream: Seriously, watch the fuck out.
  • Legally Blonde: Run away as fast as you can.

Who Would You Do? (This may bring up celebrities, kids on the hall or even past flames)

  • Johnny Depp: Predictable, for either male or female. Although he’s almost fifty, so that’s kind of strange.
  • Kate Upton: Apparently he doesn’t know she’s fat.
  • Hugh Hefner’s The Girls Next Door: Expect a lot of condom wrappers on your floor.
  • Neil Patrick Harris: FaBUloUS!
  • Person Down the Hall: It’s basically incest.
  • Pre-School Flame: No, like from actual preschool. That would be so funny/Notebook-esque

Any other good games or answers? Feel free to leave a comment.


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