His Holiness the Dalai Lama to speak in Providence on October 17

But seriously, Coffee Exchange or Blue State?

That’s right. A University press release revealed that the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Dalai Lama, who recently made waves for posting on Facebook that “we need… an approach to ethics which makes no recourse to religion,” is set to deliver the Odgen Lecture next month. Let the SPG-style campout for tickets begin now. If the demand to see John Krasinski speak last year is any indication, mobs will be swarming for tickets to see him speak, especially since this is going to be a public event.

It seems like Brown is anticipating the large crowds; the lecture won’t be taking place in Salomon or on campus at all. It instead will be held in the Rhode Island Convention Center (a couple blocks west of Kennedy Plaza) downtown. The talk will be called “A Global Challenge: Creating a Culture of Peace,” but don’t worry if you can’t get a ticket. The 2:00 p.m. lecture will be livestreamed here on October 17.

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