Semantics Bingo!

While the general student body seems to have agreed that “hegemonic” is a Brown-ism, we feel that recognition of this single phrase does a major disservice to the variety and scope of our fine institution’s pretentious academic lexicon. As respective History and Philosophy concentrators, we felt that our comprehensive knowledge of linguistic vomit was tragically underrepresented.

From the dozens of humanities-related clichés heretofore marginalized, we present to you Semantics Bingo. Print out the boards, get two friends, go to your “MCM: The Theory of Sign” class, and see who yells “BINGO” first to your fellow students stupefied by Foucault-supported affectation. Let us know in the comments section how long it takes you to win (and which class you were in when it happened).


  1. old fart alumnus

    This bingo board has been a thing at least twice since 2007. Ot was originally

  2. David Braun

    Cool, sounds like a a good twist on buzzword bingo:

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