Time-waster of the day: September 20, 2012

20 minutes without a phone can get you this.

Given that it’s been out for about a day and a half now, it’s worth reminding those who have the iPhone 3GS or later models to update their software to iOS 6. If you’re nothing—and extremely unproductive—without a functioning phone, the ~20 minutes of sitting and waiting for your phone to update would definitely qualify as a “Time-waster.”

The new software works on iPhone models as old as the 3GS, and, honestly, it looks sick. Just go to the Maps app to see: You can pinch and rotate all sorts of ways (even 3D) to see where you are, so you have no excuse for getting lost when you’re going to The Blog premiere event tonight. Also included in iOS 6 are a “Do Not Disturb” function and a super-intelligent Siri that seems destined to take over the world by the time we have an iPhone 7.

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