Chow Down Brown: Pumpkin-infused everything

October is now upon us. You know what that means: it’s officially time to take advantage of the pumpkin-flavored beverages, food, and activities ubiquitous during the best month of the year. Make the pumpkin a staple in your daily routine this fall.

Start your morning off with a Starbucks pumpkin latte or a pumpkin spice chai at Tealuxe. On the topic of pumpkin beverages, Woodchuck makes pumpkin cider, and the Alehouse has pumpkin infused beers this month, for those over 21.

If you’re right on campus, try a pumpkin muffin at the Blue Room. Even if you’re off meal plan, they’re worth using real money for—they’re one of the reasons fall at Brown is awesome.

Al Forno, on South Main Street, is famous for its pumpkin pizza, which is served only in the Fall. Yes, it’s more expensive than the pumpkin muffins at the Blue Room, but it’s a perfect treat for Family Weekend in three weeks.

Additionally, if you can’t get enough of edible pumpkin delights, and if you really love October festivities (or have nothing to do over Fall weekend), you can go pumpkin picking at several different local orchards. The Steere Orchard, only twenty-five minutes from campus, even has free hay rides!

And for the true enthusiasts? If you can’t get enough of ’em, join ’em: You can embrace your love for pumpkins by dressing up as a pumpkin for Halloween Whisko. That’s dedication.

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