What your favorite middle school flash animation says about you

For most of us, watching flash animations from sites like Ebaum’s WorldWeebl’s Stuff, and Albino Blacksheep were our middle school methods of procrastination that kept us from doing our chores and our “homework” (when homework = BrainPOP and Fizz & Martina). Now far removed from the middle school experience, it’s always hilarious to look back and watch the videos that were our principal sources of distraction. So, what does your favorite flash video say about you? Full breakdown and analysis after the jump.

Badger, Badger, Badger: If you find incessant repetition therapeutic, then this was your go-to video. You have an active imagination and get excited by anything that is catchy or fun. You were also that kid who loved to sing “99 Bottles of Beer Milk on the Wall” or “The Song that Doesn’t End” on school field trips. You’re also probably super annoying (…but also awesome!)

Narwhals:  See Badger, Badger, Badger. Yet the repetition in this video is a little more melodious, so you’re probably a little more musical than you are annoying. You also may have a mild interest in marine biology and/or in (underwater) unicorns.

Schfifty-Five: You, without a doubt, have a way with the opposite sex. You should be an applied math concentrator with those killer addition skills.

The Llama Song: Not only does your mind work in lists, but your affinity for this flash animation is a testament to your spontaneity. Your stream of consciousness is like a game of broken telephone—you oftentimes associate words with pictures Cam Jansen style. (You also may be Carl Wheezer.)

Peanut Butter Jelly Time: Your enthusiasm is contagious—you are your group’s cheerleader and ooze with enthusiasm and overeager smiles. You definitely have a signature dance move (shopping cart, anyone?) and it may or may not make everyone jealous

Kenya: You long to roam free in the wild. The African safari holds a very special place in your heart. You’re an animal person, and your favorite Disney movie was probably The Lion King. Although you may have loved this video, you definitely didn’t love it as much as these guys did.

End of the World:  Watching things blow up is your idea of a good time. You’re le tired of people being so politically correct all of the time. Have you considered concentrating in International Relations?

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