BREAKING: Tedeschi to close in less than two weeks

It’s like a cruel April Fool’s day prank… or just another terrible Thayer Street tragedy in the middle of October.

According to employees at Tedeschi, the store will close before the end of the month. Tentatively, one cashier told BlogDH, the last day the store will remain open is Tuesday, October 23.

This is sad. So very sad. Without Tedeschi, who will sustain us when it’s past midnight and no other convenient store on Thayer Street is open (even though Providence isn’t technically asleep until 2 a.m…)? What other store in Rhode Island has such friendly employees, who still manage to smile and shoot the shit with random (scary?) customers despite having to wear corporate-mandated, blood-colored garb? Where else can we buy a Mean Girls DVD for $4.99 at 1:50 a.m.?

In light of this horrible news, it’s time to stock up on all our Tedeschi favorites. With Halloween parties soon approaching, it may be a good idea to hoard some of the store’s invaluable mixers healthy juice options and drunk food filling snacks. Huge Snapple bottles! Jones sodas! Chobani yogurts because, for some reason, so many Brown students are obsessed with them!

Given its excellent location and the lack of any other really viable grocery options within walking distance, we may have to survive off a diet of calzones, burritos, froyo, and hot yoga (there really aren’t a lot of food options on Thayer).

Yeah. A lot of us may starve after midnight come October 23.

Check Monday’s issue of The Herald for the full story. 

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  1. That explains why they haven’t been restocking anything.

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