For future reference: A long weekend activities guide

It’s been a week since Fall Weekend, and I’ve certainly come to appreciate the activity and bustle of campus since those three days during which the whole college was almost disconcertingly empty. Still, a quiet campus affords opportunities for mischief you’d never be able to get away with on any regular weekend. Next long weekend/break when you’re hanging back at Brown, why not try out some of these fun-filled activities?

Streak across the Main Green

Some people do this regardless of whether or not the University is empty. I’m somewhat of a Puritan, so I like to save my naked escapades for when there are fewer than 50 people on the Green.

Imitate this scene in the Ratty (best followed by bolting for the exit before angry BDS workers confront you)

Because we all like to get our Norse God on every once in a while. Disclaimer: I maintain that Thor was terrible, but this scene is obscenely fun to reproduce.

Steal crops from the Environmental Lab Garden

Ignore the abundant fresh fruit in the dining halls and go instead for small, unappetizing quasi-tomatoes from the Environmental Garden. You can both fulfill your own appetite and cause the entire Environmental House to suffer from severe malnutrition!

Go to Jo’s and order a spicy… without

Do this on a normal weekend and people will look at you like you’ve just thrown a sack of puppies in a river. On a long weekend, though…

The SciLi Challenge

All of the fun with none of the judgment.

Shop at Urban Outfitters

Anyone with a single ounce of self-respect isn’t going to do this in broad daylight when just anyone can see. With no friends on campus, however, you’re in the clear to indulge all your pseudo-hipster fashion cravings. On a semi-related side note, am I the only one who thinks that the giant metal plate hanging over the entrance is just irredeemably ugly? Really, for a store that focuses so much on design, you think they’d choose a font other than Arial for their store name.

Do some work

I heard that this is a thing in college. Can anyone verify?

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