SPONSORED: Family Weekend 2012 Lookbook presented by the Brown Bookstore

Family Weekend is just around the corner, and you know what that means: trips to the Brown Bookstore on your parents’ dime! But this Family Weekend, the Bookstore has more than just the fresh Brown apparel and accessories that you love—they also have the coolest threads for your family members.

That’s right: your parents can return to your hometown donning Brown apparel so that they can ever-so-subtly remind your friends and neighbors that you go here. Not only this, but they can do so while wearing the finest of brand names, including Ralph Lauren, Patagonia, Brooks Brothers, Under Armour, Gear, and Champion. The finest of threads with the name of the finest university plastered across the front? Seems like a win-win: Your family members will be bursting at the seams with Brown pride, and they’ll look extremely stylish in the process.

Be sure to plan a trip to the Bookstore while your parents are in town. Let your family show you off, and let them do so in style. Your parents will be thrilled with the selection.

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