His Holiness said what?

Those of you who were unable to attend the Dalai Lama‘s speech yesterday were probably very upset. After all, you missed a global hero, a worldwide leader, and a Nobel Peace Prize winner give our community, and members of our generation, some very moving and inspirational advice.

Oh, and the most awkward typo that ever happened.

Yes. As reported by national news sources, there was some confusion surrounding the Dalai Lama’s last words—His Holiness asked us to spread his message if we agreed with it, and, underlining his infinite humility, to otherwise “forget it.” In a bit of an inverse-Cee-Lo-Green-moment, the closed captioning at the Rhode Island Convention Center suggested that Dalai Lama said what we would assume to have been his first-ever expletive.

Hopefully, the mishap did not detract from the rest of His Holiness’ words for any of you, but instead served as another fun memory of amazing typographical blunders. My other hope is that the Dalai Lama himself saw the humor in this moment—in part because I want him to have enjoyed his time at Brown fully, but also because he really did have the most adorable laugh.

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