The (Anti-)FrugaList: Family Weekend Edition

You work hard. You deserve the best. It’s the little things on the margin that make you (look, smell, and) feel like a million bucks, but on a student’s budget, it’s hard to treat yo’self on the reg. This weekend, let your parents pick up the tab on your typical expenses, but blow them up in bigger and better ways.

Alcohol. You have to make your obligatory weekly trip to your neighborhood liquor store anyway, so you might as well run the errand with your fam. Tell them how tired you are of drinking Karkov, and maybe they’ll get the hint. Over 21? Go to Spats and get a hundred-ounce beer with your folks. Bonding and booze!

Brown swag. You’re proud to go to Brown, and you want to show it. Sure, you already have four other Brown sweatshirts; one more can’t hurt, right? 

Groceries. Have (rental) car, will travel. Hop on down to Wayland Square and hit up Eastside Marketplace or Whole Foods to stock your fridge with some fresh nomz. Consider this a parent-subsidized break from the Ratty. Bonus: your parents yelling at you to put the Cheez-Its back will make you feel like you’re at home again. Mmmm, tastes like childhood.

Froyo…with tons of toppings. You usually skimp on the toppings so you don’t overspend. Big, plump strawberries won’t hold you down this time around. Do it big.

An off-campus dinner. Whether you decide to stay on the Hill or get off, use this opportunity to eat at a restaurant that you ordinarily wouldn’t have the time to try on your own. Providence is one of the best cities for foodies, and with your parents in town, there’s no better time to take advantage of it.

A complex caffeinated beverage. Doing work this weekend while your parents are on campus? Not to worry: use this opportunity to get the most elaborate drink you can think up. Need one two three extra shots of espresso to help you power through that problem set? Let your parents take care of it this time around. Justify that the quicker you finish your work, the sooner you’ll be hang out, eat, and snuggle. If you’re not bogged down in work, use the opportunity to sit down and catch up with your family members over a nice warm coffee.

Mom and Dad miss you tremendously and long for you to be back under their roof. Let them provide for you this weekend, and use those dollaz that you save on the margin to splurge on something that your parents may not agree to finance. Financial independence!

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