But seriously, when is Halloweekend?

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When is Halloweekend?

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With the 31st falling on a Wednesday this year, all of Brunonia is confused as to which set of days truly counts as Halloweekend. We’re already having our heads split in two by midterms, so the last thing we need to worry about is which Friday night will be the Friday night we break out our set of prosthetic feet and ears and become the first hobbit to do kegstands on top of the statue of Marcus Aurelius. Can’t decide on a weekend to live large?  Friends, we must resolve this issue. Before you let us know when you think Halloween should be, let’s open it up for discussion.

Miriam: It’s Gotta Be The Weekend After!

In full disclosure, this pagan holiday doubles as my birthday and Halloweek is my favorite time of the fall semester. So, when it comes to this debate about whether Halloween weekend should be before or after the 31st, I consider it a serious issue.

On College Hill, the most anticipated night of Halloweek in the past has always been Wednesday because of FishCo (RIP). This means that this year, instead of being confused that Halloween falls on a Wednesday, embrace it. Whiskey Republic won’t have to host a special Halloween event on a Sunday, like they did last year. Likewise, you won’t have to decide between saving your best costume for the 31st or for Wednesday.

Halloween falls on a Wednesday less than once every seven years (leap year makes this issue too confusing to fully calculate). To appreciate how epic Halloween on a Wednesday is for Brunonians, you need to be extremely excited and energetic on the 31st. This means that being burned out from a weekend of pre-Halloween festivities is completely unacceptable.

From a practical perspective, we’re in the middle of midterms right now. If there are Halloween parties this weekend, costumes are likely to be rushed and generic. Sure, it’s easy to run to Tedeshi  CVS and get a binder to throw together a last-minute binders ful of women cliché costume, but if Halloween weekend is after midterms, you can take the time to come up with more creative costumes, and maybe even win a cool costume contest.

Seth: It’s Gotta Be the Weekend Before!

Ugh. Can’t believe some of you cats are going to wait all week to get silly off of Fanta and pretzel sticks. There are three main reasons why Halloweekend is only two days away:

  1. If you wait til afterwards, it’s November. The day I go trickin’ and treatin’ and candy bar eatin’ in a low-down, cloudy, disrespectful month like November will be a dark day indeed. Start breaking the “one major holiday per month” rule and who knows where we’ll end up. How can I explain to my five-year-old kid that there are some people in the world who think it’s okay to frolic around carving pumpkins while we’re looking forward to Thanksgiving? It ain’t right.
  2. The internet has been asked this question before, and it says it’s this weekend.

    This from the site that produces catastrophically false disease diagnoses

    In the above screenshot, curious human Amber asks the age-old question, and smart-as-a-whip reader Mimsy Borogove helps her out, dropping a monstrous truth bomb: parties after the 31st will be “harder to find afterward … that’s for sure.” Damn straight, Ms. Borogove. There’s a reason her answer was unanimously chosen as the best. If that still isn’t enough to convince your feeble brain that Halloweekend is NOW, also-ran reader ladell 92 blows your face off with the most down-to-earth common sense this side of Grapes of Wrath. “Once the holiday actually comes, the season is gone and we move onto the next one.” How the hell did that not get any votes? Moreover, ladell 92 reinforces the first point that was made, that celebrating Halloween in November is a jerk move, because “it wouldnt feel right.” I’m weeping right now. True beauty is hard to find.

  3. REAL PEOPLE (over the internet) say it’s this weekend. Many of you know Omegle as that wonderful online tool that is equal parts forum for asking random people deep questions and forum for spreading “18 F DTF RIGHT NOWW 🙂 🙂 :)” posts. But I persevered, and the gallery below is the result of my labor.
[nggallery id=127]

I think you’ll find the score in my little poll, if we double count those dual-weekend party fools, stands at six folks gettin’ crazy this weekend, three folks gettin’ crazy next weekend, and two unknown strangers. Democracy being what it is, I think we have a winner. These are real people, my friends. Real heroes. Real Americans. Real souls who labor in defense of that most perfect ideal: a Halloweekend celebration right around the corner, not lounging a week away.

Still not convinced either way? Help the whole campus decide by voting in our poll or by leaving a comment.

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    as my friend pointed out, halloween’s gotta be before, because spg is after

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