BlogDailyHerald’s Second Annual Halloweek Costume Contest

Last year, you showed us your creativity, your style, and your ability to coordinate group costumes despite your high levels of inebriation. Brunonia, you have spoken: Halloweekend will, in fact, be the weekend before Halloween (and the craziness that will be Halloween Whisko). We want to see the most insane costume ideas you can think up. If your costume is impressive enough, it may just end up right here on BlogDH.

That’s right, dear readers. We’re back at it again with our second annual Halloween costume contest. The premise is much like any other Halloween costume contest with a slight twist: have a friend take a picture of you in costume within the next week, and submit it along with your first name, first letter of your last name, class year and a brief description of your costume to We’ll announce the winner of the contest on the morning of Friday, November 2, and — here’s the kicker — every post on Friday, November 2 will use your costume photo as its featured picture. In addition, we’ll post our favorite runners-up on the blog and on our Facebook page. So, even when you’re stuck in classes on that gloomy, un-fulfilling Friday and are feeling depressed in the wake of the post-Halloween comedown, you’ll still be able to check BlogDH and feel the Halloween spirit.

Creativity will be the main standard we’ll use, but you’ll of course get extra points for Brown relevance and group costuming. We’ll be accepting submissions until 5 p.m. on Thursday, November 1. Happy Halloweek, and we look forward to seeing your submissions!

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