Halloween might get a bit wet…again

Last year it was a blizzard, and this year, Halloween is sending a hurricane at us. I shit you not. Hurricane Sandy, which just passed through Cuba, is a Category 2 “Frankenstorm” that is 90% likely to make landfall in the Northeast next week. I really thought there was no way to top last year’s ice/slush disaster, but this 2012 version of 1991’s The Perfect Storm — the George Clooney/Mark Wahlberg costume potential is so high right now — probably will do just that. Something tells me sexy referee costumes won’t do much in the way of protecting yourself from the elements (at least binders full of women seems weatherproof!). Better buy a Cleverhood.

According to the Boston Herald, Sandy, which is already trending on Twitter, is the mix of “a cold front coming in from the west, Arctic air coming down from the north, a jet stream that will ‘capture’ the storm, a full moon, plenty of leaves on the trees” that could lead to a repeat of the 1991 storm on its 21st anniversary. In other words, it’s going to get REAL with rain, snow, and everything in between on Monday/Tuesday/maybe even Wednesday. It looks like New Jersey will get the brunt of the storm, but who knows at this point. If you can even believe it, the Dirty Jerse will get dirtier (read: muddier).

Given the accuracy (or complete lack thereof) of 120-hour hurricane forecasts, this all might be a big freakout over nothing. But, as someone whose first sight of Brown included tree branches strewn everywhere in the wake of Hurricane Irene, I know it has happened before. Hopefully it doesn’t put a complete damper on Halloweek’s festivities. Maybe we should move it to next weekend.

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