Time-waster of the day: October 29, 2012

Hmm...look familiar?

While Apple’s latest announcement of the iPad mini might have the technology community talking, we shouldn’t let it draw attention away from the true advances in the field that pertain to us. Behold, Arirang, North Korea’s own government-engineered tablet. After years of research reverse engineering and some copyright infringement of Chinese copyright infringing tablets, North Korea was able to make the world’s first tablet (don’t tell them otherwise)!

The Pyongyang Information Technology Bureau developed and produced the tablet and have it running on … Android? Not sure how that’s even possible, but at least it’ll make getting all of your favorite apps rather easy. Similar tablets sell in China for between $40 and $120, which, seeing as North Korea has the 195th lowest GDP per capita in the world, is many times the monthly income of the average North Korean.

So why did North Korea bother with this “invention”? The answer: they saw an opportunity for profit in the college student market. Between the price difference and Arirang’s clear technological superiority, you’re crazy if you buy the new iPad mini. To pass the time (and wince at the absurdity of the North Korean government), check out these possible slogans for Arirang.

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