Brown student trolls NBC 10 reporter

In a TV clip that got picked up by New York magazine’s website (and was also featured on BuzzFeed), a young man whom NBC 10 reporter Alison Bologna identified as a Brown student expressed his skepticism over the existence of Hurricane Sandy (Cohen). The student, who was hanging out at the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier, offered this possible explanation for the inclement weather: “I know the government wants us to think that [there’s a hurricane], but think about it, the earth rotates very quickly.” Before you all freak out, we got in contact with this student and, as you may have guessed, HE WAS JOKING. Anyone who has recently checked out the absolutely terrible Eyed @ Brown might know that Brown students will jump at any chance they can to engage in trolling activities. And let’s be real, is there an easier target than local news?

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  1. '13

    Obviously he was joking. But it wasn’t particularly funny, and if you’re going to be a douche, it should probably at least be amusing. The government conspiracy joke is rather dull.

  2. Guys this is 1) not funny 2) badly timed 3) completely destructive to “Daniel”‘s employment prospects. Think about it. Propsective employer asks Daniel “how do you explain your lack of judgment?” Daniel replies I was “joking/trolling” Prospective employer replies “over 10o people died, $5-$10 billion of property damage ensued and you were joking? I repeat how do you explain your lack of judgment? More importantly how am I supposed to know that you will not exhibit that same lack/poor judgment while working for me?” Net result no job offer. Daniel whoever you are I hope you are a trust fund baby because you have otherwise ruined your future.

  3. Woah

    Michael Lissack, I think you really need to calm the fuck down.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t know if a prospective employer would have a problem hiring someone as insightful, kind, and funny as Daniel. He’s a great guy, very intelligent, and I think he has a bright future. No need to bash something so insignificant. It’s a funny video on the internet; controversial or not, it’ll have it’s day in the sun and then that’ll be it.

  5. anonymous

    very silly

  6. Guys wake up!!! This video will destroy Daniel’s ability to get a job. It will NOT be forgotten. It is NOT funny. people are DEAD!!!

    Grow up. Actions have consequences and this set of actions by Daniel has many yet to come. Instead of gloating over this you should be shuddering.

  7. A fan

    I think this is pretty fucking funny. Well done.

  8. Thobo

    Michael Nutsack needs to chill out

  9. Anon

    Michael, he’s not trolling the hurricane victims, just local news. The newscaster was trying to make it seem like there was some major shit about to go down in Providence, and…there wasn’t. She was only asking for comment about the weather conditions here. He wasn’t being insensitive towards people in the rest of the country.

  10. anonymous

    michael lissack you also need to back the f*ck off.

    boring people get boring jobs in boring fields where things like this jeopardize your employment prospects. thankfully, that’s not where this kid is headed (because he’s brilliant) although that might be where you’re going. have fun.

  11. Bruno

    Lol at Michael Lissack. What the fuck are you doing reading a blog for college students for a school you didn’t attend? What a weirdo.

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