Devastation, Outrage, and Pain: Reactions to Episode VII

It was around 1 p.m. on Tuesday when the news sunk in. I had just peacefully awoken to a room awash with cool sunlight. Class was cancelled, the libraries were closed, and the cafeterias were open; it was undoubtedly a simpler time. Without a trace of the urgency that characterizes a typical day at Brown, I eventually drifted over to my computer to see what had transpired during my indulgent sleep. What I found was truly shocking. My newsfeed was alight with stunned reports and fervent commentary.  Many had foreseen a simplified version of what had transpired, but no one could have predicted the extent of the consequences.  Some of the more impassioned outbursts:

Portions of the East Coast remained effectively underwater, but these outspoken friends were aghast at another piece of news: The announcement of Star Wars Episode VII. On Tuesday afternoon, word spread that The Walt Disney Co. has acquired Lucasfilm and is planning a new installment of the Star Wars saga for 2015. After Episode VII it hopes to release a new Star Wars film every 2 or 3 years. George Lucas, whose role at Lucasfilm will be “phased out,” will have a reduced role in the making of these films.

We suffered over four hours of Hayden Christensen. We know what a film with Mace Windu as its main redeeming quality feels like. We’ve been to Naboo and back again, so the frustration and confusion at the news of another Star Wars is justified. Let’s just hope that the Facebook newsfeed isn’t an accurate barometer of our emotional priorities. Otherwise millions of East Coasters would be left to fight Sandy alone while the rest of us protested at Disney headquarters against the inclusion of Jar Jar Binks.


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