It’s still fall, Starbucks

Just one day after Halloween, Starbucks traded in its push on pumpkin-flavored everything for an aggressive campaign chock-full of Christmas cheer. The Thayer Street Starbucks unveiled its red Christmas cups on November 1 and began to feature its winter-inspired beverages, such as the Eggnog Latte, the Peppermint Mocha, and the Gingerbread Latte on its chalkboard behind the bar.

The move by the coffee giant has elicited mixed reactions among Brown students. We went out into the field (read: did our homework at the long, communal table probably inspired by those at Le Pain Quotidien) and observed students as they reacted to the snowflake-slathered cups. Some were elated, exclaiming, “OMG, Christmas!” and even “Ugh, I’ve missed these,” while others were very confused. We understand the excitement surrounding this “push on Christmas,” as one of the baristas explained it, but last time we checked, it’s still fall.

Let’s give Starbucks some credit: last year it aggressively brought the red cups back on October 25, a little less than a week before Halloween. The colored leaves were still on the trees, and the apocalyptic, poorly-timed snowstorm had yet to blanket PVD. ‘Bucks gets points for holding off until after Halloween this year, but November 1 is still too soon—Thanksgiving is still weeks away! We’ve complained about this before—as we do about a lot of things—but our complaints are well-founded: it seems as if fall has been written off completely (we’re mostly upset because some of us haven’t even gone apple picking yet). In the meantime, if you’re in winter denial and think this move is ho-ho-horrible, you probably should just to stick to getting an iced coffee.

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